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Picture of Finca Dorian Gray, Evolution of Milk Foaming Technology, and Ruiru 11

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Three robots holding milk pitchers on a coffee bean background.
Christopher C. Oct 31, 2022
  • The Picture of Finca Dorian Gray

    By Sprudge

    “The private auction has brought in bidders from around the world, and those that couldn’t make the trip are watching online, hoping to grab one of these very exclusive coffees. The first 15 lots came and went without much fanfare, a $50 a pound Gesha here, a $75 per pound lactic fermentation there, even a washed Eugenioides that broke the $100 mark. But they were all appetizers, chum to whip the sharks into a feeding frenzy for the main course, three ultra-rare small lots from the famed Finca Dorian Gray in Kona.”

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  • Exploring the evolution of milk foaming technology in the coffee industry

    By Zoe Stanley for Perfect Daily Grind

    “Many milk-based beverages also feature a layer of microfoam. As well as the unique texture that microfoam has, baristas also use it to pour latte art, which has now become commonplace in many specialty coffee shops around the world. To assist baristas in preparing high-quality milk-based coffee beverages, milk foaming technology has evolved over the past few years – from high-powered steam wands to automated countertop milk foaming solutions.”

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  • A guide to the Ruiru 11 coffee variety

    By Peter Gakuo for Perfect Daily Grind

    “As with many other hybrid varieties, Ruiru 11 was developed because of the increasing prevalence of pests and diseases. The most prominent example was a coffee berry disease (CBD) epidemic in 1968, which destroyed around half of Kenya’s coffee production that year. […] In response to rising cases of CBD, a coffee station in Ruiru began breeding coffee varieties in the 1970s which were more resistant to the disease – as well as still producing satisfactory volumes of high-quality coffee.”

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