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Coffee May Help Depression, Co-Roasting Spaces, and Cooking with Coffee

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A chef mirrored, cooking coffee beans in a tall flame on a background of fresh vegetables.
Christopher C. Sep 25, 2023
  • The association between coffee consumption and risk of incident depression and anxiety: Exploring the benefits of moderate intake

    By Jiahao Min et al., published in Psychiatry Research, for ScienceDirect

    “Mental disorders contribute greatly to the global health burden, with depression and anxiety disorders being the leading causes of disability worldwide. […] In view of the high level of coffee consumption, the impact of coffee intake on health outcomes has attracted considerable research attention.”

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  • Will co-roasting spaces become more popular in the specialty coffee sector?

    By Daniel Lancaster for Perfect Daily Grind

    “Now more than ever, home roasters, coffee shop owners, baristas, and producers are more interested in roasting their own coffee. While it can certainly be an exciting new venture - or even a natural career step - for many industry professionals, starting a roastery or small-scale roasting operation can also be a daunting task.”

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  • 8 Creative Dishes Showcasing Coffee

    By Aly Walansky for Forbes

    “There's nothing like a hot cup of coffee in the morning, but what about trying that coffee on a plate? From espresso-rubbed steaks to decadent desserts, there's some sublime dishes perfect for the coffee lover.”

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  • Who Gets To Call It “Coffee”?

    By Jenn Chen for Sprudge

    “Sitting down and writing out a definition of coffee is much like one of those exercises of 'describe milk' and 'describe meat.' It is surprisingly difficult, and in both of those industries, the very nature of naming a product has been expensively battled out in the US courts (with legal proceedings that continue today). I have never considered myself a coffee purist; I will die by my love of espresso tonics and espresso-based non-alcoholic drinks. But then I was presented with a drink that looked like coffee, tasted like coffee, but contained no ingredients derived from the coffee shrub. This experience confronted me with an unexpected question: 'Is this still even coffee?'”

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