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Bitter Coffee Isn't Stronger, Tanzania's Generational Gap, and Brewing Coffee Best

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A mirrored image of cold brew being poured into an iced glass.
Christopher C. Sep 12, 2022
  • Plunger, espresso, filter? Bitter coffee doesn’t mean ‘stronger’

    By Emma Beckett for Radio New Zealand

    “Caffeine content only explains a small part of the strength of coffee. Thousands of compounds are extracted, contributing to aroma, flavour and function. Each has their own pattern of extraction, and they can interact with each other to inhibit or enhance effects. […] There are also differences in how sensitive we are to the stimulant effects of caffeine. So what we are looking for in a cup, and getting from it, is dependent on our own unique biology.”

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  • Understanding Tanzania’s generational gap in coffee production

    By Peter Gakuo for Perfect Daily Grind

    “Currently, Tanzania is the fourth-largest producer of coffee in Africa. However, the country’s coffee industry has suffered from a steady decline in yields since the 1990s, aside from a brief resurgence in production during the mid-2000s. […] Since the country became independent in 1961, younger generations have started to migrate away from rural areas to bigger cities. This is largely because they believe there to be more profitable opportunities in urban areas, as is the case in many other countries around the world.”

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  • The Best Way to Brew Coffee Depends on What You Want from Your Java

    By Emma Beckett for The Conversation

    “Coffee – one bean with many possibilities. A big choice is how to brew it: espresso, filter, plunger, percolator, instant, and more. Each method has unique equipment, timing, temperature, pressure, and coffee grind and water needs. Our choices of brewing method can be cultural, social, or practical. But how much do they really impact what's in your cup?”

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