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Brewing Coffee with Tap Water, Rootstock Grafting, and the Cortado

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A kitchen faucet spouting water.
Christopher C. Sep 05, 2022
  • Can I Brew Coffee with Tap Water?

    By Liz Clayton for Sprudge

    “If you’re wondering if you can brew delicious coffee with just any old wet water, the sad answer is no—at least not for everyone. Whether or not the water from your tap will produce good results depends upon your own municipality and water source, as all tap water is not created equal.”

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  • How can rootstock grafting make coffee plants more resilient?

    By Tasmin Grant for Perfect Daily Grind

    “The effects of climate change are becoming more and more of a concern for the coffee industry – particularly for farmers. Findings from a research paper published earlier this year conclude that four of the five top coffee-producing countries in the world will see the amount of land suitable for coffee production fall by 2050. […] When executed successfully and in the right way, [rootstock grafting] can help coffee plants become more resilient to extreme weather.”

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  • Cortado: The Espresso Drink You Should Try on Your Next Coffee Run

    By Ryan Cashman for Tasting Table

    “Translated as "to cut" from Spanish, this espresso and milk infusion has developed a reputation of its own here in the States. According to Bon Appetit, by 2013 the cortado's popularity amongst American coffee drinkers was on the rise. It even got its own hashtag: #dailycortado.”

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