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Cold Brew with Lasers, Regenerative Agriculture, and Grinding Coffee in a Blender

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Green lasers behind a glass of cold brew coffee.
Christopher C. Aug 29, 2022
  • Laser-extracted cold-brew coffee could be a Monday-morning game changer

    By Loz Blain for New Atlas

    “Researchers in Germany have created a laser-powered extraction system that pumps out cold-brew about 300 times faster than traditional methods. Arguably superior in flavor, aroma and caffeination, cold-brew coffee may soon be convenient too. […] The technique is derived from the laser synthesis and processing of colloids (LSPC) field, a method typically used to blast apart metal solids in solvent solutions and create solutions of suspended nanoparticles.”

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  • Exploring regenerative agriculture in coffee production

    By Tasmin Grant for Perfect Daily Grind

    “There’s no arguing that the demand for “sustainable coffee” is at an all-time high. Now more than ever, brands and consumers alike realise the importance of growing, buying, and drinking coffee that is both socially and environmentally sustainable. There are a number of complex reasons driving this focus. However, one of the most important for environmentally responsible coffee is the ever-growing threat of climate change, and the impact it has on the coffee sector.”

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  • Yes, You Can Use Your Blender as a Coffee Grinder (Baristas Agree)

    By Maki Yazawa for Well+Good

    “Although [Jiyoon Han, co-owner and founder of Bean & Bean] would love for everyone to have access to proper coffee-making equipment, she says it’s most definitely not a necessity. ‘As a roaster, we have to relinquish any sort of judgment because coffee is highly contextual. My goal is to meet the customer where they’re at, without forcing them or pushing them where they don’t want to be at that moment in time,’ she says.”

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