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Olive Oil Coffee, Ombligon, and Coffee Puck Distribution

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A hockey player slapshotting a shot of espresso on an olive oil background.
Christopher C. Aug 28, 2023
  • Does olive oil coffee have a place in specialty coffee?

    By Janice Chinna Kanniah for Perfect Daily Grind

    “Over the years, specialty coffee has embraced many different flavour combinations and signature beverages. These include the espresso tonic and pumpkin spice latte. However, for now, it's unsure whether the same can be said for olive oil coffee. While high-quality olive oil can taste sweet, fruity, and herbaceous, most people only associate it with savoury cuisine. In line with this, it may take some time for olive oil coffee drinks to become more popular.”

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  • What puck distribution means for espresso extraction

    By David Phillips for newGround

    “Puck distribution plays a crucial role in achieving balanced and even espresso extraction. A good grinder with sharp burrs will certainly help deliver a consistent grind seize, which helps to deliver even extraction. However, this can be made redundant by poor puck preparation. With good puck prep, each coffee particle has the best chance of being extracted the same as the one next to it. This will give more balanced flavour profiles and more clarity in the cup. Despite this, the coffee puck does not extract evenly. Typically, water passes through the puck at different flow rates and temperatures during extraction, and therefore extracts the particles at different rates.”

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  • What is Ombligon coffee & could it become more popular?

    By Thomas Wensma for Perfect Daily Grind

    “'Ombligon has similar characteristics to Caturra, such as wide leaves, cherries which grow close together, branches which grow vertically, and high yields,' [Juan Pablo Campos, founding partner of Lojas Beans,] tells me. 'However, many Colombian coffee professionals agree that Ombligon could be a natural mutation of other varieties like Pacamara, Bourbon, or even Castillo - mostly because of the high yield potential and resistance to coffee leaf rust.' Producers in Huila, Colombia grow Ombligon at different altitudes, but between 1,600 and 1,800 m.a.s.l. tends to work best.”

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  • World Coffee Research Launches Public Database for Arabica Fingerprinting

    By Daily Coffee News Staff for Roast Magazine

    “World Coffee Research (WCR) late last week announced the launch of a publicly available database designed to make genetic fingerprinting of arabica coffee varieties more accessible. The database is freely accessible to private and public labs for coffee variety verification using 'SNP markers,' molecular genetic markers that can be analyzed more quickly and at a lower cost than other genetic markers, according to the nonprofit group.”

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  • How have specialty coffee consumers changed in recent years?

    By Thomas Wensma for Perfect Daily Grind

    “While convenience has always remained important to consumers, demand for higher-quality coffee and more innovative beverages are also key drivers of rapid change in the sector. As out-of-home coffee consumption recovers in many major consuming markets following the pandemic, coffee businesses need to ensure they meet the ever-changing needs and demands of consumers.”

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