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Cleaning a Coffee Grinder, Thermal Stability, and Coffee Not Associated with Negative Pregnancy Outcomes

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Infrared image of a V60 pour over.
Christopher C. Aug 08, 2022
  • How to Clean a Coffee Grinder

    By Rachel Wharton for Wirecutter

    “If you’re busy, you can let this deep-clean slide for a few weeks or so, [Kaleena Teoh, co-founder and director of education at Coffee Project New York] said, but it really depends on how dark a roast you brew. Roasted coffee beans are covered in aromatic oils and the darker the roast, the oilier the beans are. Those oils build up with powdered coffee and coat or even clog the burr and chambers of your grinder.”

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  • Why is thermal stability important for manual coffee brewing?

    By Zoe Stanley for Perfect Daily Grind

    “Water temperature plays an important role in manual brewing. According to the Specialty Coffee Association, to properly brew high-quality coffee, your water should be between 90°C and 96°C (195°F to 205°F). However, alongside this, your brewing water should also remain at a stable temperature throughout the entire process. This is a concept known as thermal stability – an essential part of manual brewing. While temperature-controlled kettles can certainly help to improve thermal stability, your brewer also has an effect on it.”

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  • Study: Coffee Not Associated with Miscarriage or Other Negative Pregnancy Outcomes

    By Daily Coffee News

    “In an announcement of the findings, study author Gunn-Helen Moen calls into question the current World Health Organization guidelines that say pregnant women should drink less than 300 milligrams of caffeine—or the rough equivalent of two to three 8-ounce cups of brewed filter coffee—per day. […] ‘We wanted to find out if coffee alone really does increase the risk of adverse pregnancy outcomes, and the research shows this isn’t the case.’”

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