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Edible Coffee Cups, Umami Flavors, and the Truth About Coffee Creamer

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Illustration of coffee cups being chewed down.
Christopher C. Jul 25, 2022
  • Chug, chug, then eat your mug: Edible coffee cup passes taste test

    By Carolyn Webb for The Age

    “Entrepreneurs Aniyo Rahebi and Catherine Hutchins tried about 250 recipes to develop their edible coffee cup. Their product had to be strong enough to hold hot liquid, but also had to break down naturally. It had to be tasty enough to be an attractive snack, but not change the flavour of the drink it was holding.”

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  • Umami flavours in coffee: What should you expect?

    By Perfect Daily Grind

    “Umami is a Japanese word that is often used to describe savoury flavours in food. It is commonly associated with meats and broths, fish, shellfish, cheeses, soy, and some mushrooms. It is considered by many to be a ‘fifth taste.’ […] ‘If you bake coffee, it can result in meaty, salty, and savoury flavours,” Takahito [Koyanagi] tells me. ‘Since acidity is usually burned during this process, baked coffee can often taste very flat.’”

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  • Why Coffee Often Tastes Better at a Café than at Home

    By Autumn Swiers for Tasting Table

    “There may be hundreds of types of coffee on the market, but the only two ingredients in coffee are literally beans and water — so, the H2O you're running through those grounds can make a big difference. Canada-based Coffee Mag explains that pre-existing minerals and alkalinity can neutralize the natural flavor notes in your beans. Depending on your water's mineral content, it can even knock out your coffee's acidity altogether. Your water's pH can swing the coffee's taste to bitter, neutral, or even sour instead of creamy and fresh.”

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  • What Is Coffee Creamer?

    By Liz Clayton for Sprudge

    “But would you believe coffee creamer does not contain cream? Another of life’s great riddles, coffee creamer is actually a stand-in for cream, with a sweeter flavor profile that many consider delightful, even international. It’s also, in many cases, dairy free. […] Look, everybody likes a little splash every now and then.”

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