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Coffee and Meteorites, Engineering Espresso, and Technology's Role in Good Cafés

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An engineer examining a bowl of roasted coffee in an industrial setting with a monitor displaying graphs and charts.
Christopher C. Jul 24, 2023
  • Woman Struck By Meteorite While Drinking Coffee Now Surely Has Super Powers

    By Zac Cadwalader for Sprudge

    “The report of this harrowing tale first came via French newspaper Les Dernières Nouvelles d'Alsace. In it, the woman, who asked to remain anonymous—presumably to hide her secret identity—states that she was sitting out on her terrace in the Schirmeck commune in the northeastern part of the country, enjoying a nice cup of coffee and a chat with a friend, when she felt a strike to the ribs.”

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  • Three Questions With 'Engineering Better Espresso' Author Robert McKeon Aloe

    By Howard Bryman for Daily Coffee News

    “For some science-minded people, espresso can be a never-ending trip down the rabbit hole, where aspects like fines migration, flow rates, TDS, extraction yield and water chemistry beg far more questions than answers. One of those people is Robert McKeon Aloe, author of the new book Engineering Better Espresso: Data Driven Coffee. Although not a professional barista, Aloe has posted hundreds of journal-style scientific articles over the past five years […] examining nearly every variable at play in pulling a shot.”

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  • How is educational content for specialty coffee evolving?

    By Melina Devoney for Perfect Daily Grind

    “Education plays a crucial role in the specialty coffee sector. Without the focus the industry has had on education in recent years, we arguably wouldn't see anywhere near as much innovation as we do today. Over the years, as research and development has evolved in the industry, we have seen a growing interest in education about specialty coffee. In turn, it seems a growing number of companies have also started to invest in educational resources - which has several benefits for coffee professionals and consumers alike.”

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  • How Technology Empowers Coffee Shops to Deliver Consistent Quality

    By Anne Mercer for Fresh Cup Magazine

    “What defines success at a coffee shop? It's not the cafe's aesthetics or the number of Instagram followers—it's a shop's ability to deliver a consistently high-quality experience. On top of superior customer service, loyal customers expect the same great-tasting coffee every time they visit. But how do you control beverage quality as your coffee shop adds new coffees to the menu, hires employees, and experiences increases in customer traffic? As a coffee business grows and changes, inconsistencies in coffee quality can pop up, leading to unhappy customers and damage to a shop's reputation.”

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