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3D Printing AeroPress Accessories, Qahwa Coffee, and Aged Cold Brew

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A shelf of traditional Arabic dallah coffee brewers.
Christopher C. Jul 18, 2022
  • The Wild World of 3D Printable AeroPress Accessories

    By Zac Cadwalader for Sprudge

    “Whether you’re making a pour-over or espresso, inverting or double filtering, the AeroPress is basically a blank canvas for a painting made of coffee brewing. It makes sense that this beloved piece of versatile plastic has captivated the imagination of 3D printing coffee folk more than any other device. […] Making coffee with the AeroPress is great, sure, but have you ever tried using it to make delicious fried dough?”

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  • What is qahwa coffee & how do you prepare it?

    By Isabelle Mani SanMax for Perfect Daily Grind

    “Qahwa is prepared and served similarly to Turkish coffee, but there are a number of differences between the two brewing methods. Traditionally, qahwa is brewed in a dallah, which is a traditional Arabic coffee pot. The coffee is boiled for around 20 minutes, before it is poured into fenjals: small cups with no handles. When pouring qahwa, a dallah is held high above a fenjal. Traditionally, the server should be standing while the guests are seated – usually on the floor.”

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  • Are Coffee Percolators Making a Comeback?

    By Autumn Swiers for Tasting Table

    "’Those who remember the strong, sometimes burnt taste of coffee from the percolators of old will be glad to know that modern versions yield better (but still bold) brews, not without the appliance's signature rhythmic pulse.’ The Spruce Eats calls the percolator ‘lightweight, great for camping, and wallet-friendly,’ and raves about its ‘ease of use, sleek design, durability, and effortless cleaning.’ It looks like, despite the odds, percolators might be making a comeback. So, is the device worth all the hype?”

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  • How does ageing cold brew coffee affect its flavour?

    By Josef Mott for Perfect Daily Grind

    “Its popularity and utility mean that it’s no surprise that many in the industry have been experimenting with the drink. Barrel ageing is clearly one way that cold brew is evolving, leveraging residual flavours to create a niche, experimental product. And while whiskey barrel ageing is certainly popular, it appears that this may actually open up other paths to age or infuse cold brew. Who knows – in the near future, we might see all kinds of unconventional and experimental cold brew options on coffee shop menus.”

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