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How Coffee Makes You Do Things, Moldy Coffee Is Cool Now, and the Essential Knock Box

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Silhouette of a person with coffee beans on the brain against a neural network background with lightning bolts.
Christopher C. Jul 11, 2022
  • 5 Unexpected Ways Coffee Influences Our Behavior

    By Bill Sullivan for Discover Magazine

    “Caffeine is the primary chemical in coffee, a psychoactive drug that alters how we feel and behave. Caffeine molecules resemble the body’s adenosine molecules, which accumulate in the brain the longer we are awake. And since caffeine looks like adenosine, it can block sensors and trick the brain to stay awake. Given its popularity, scientists have conducted many studies on coffee and caffeine to discern its effect on health and behavior. Here are five of the lesser-known surprises they have discovered.”

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  • The World’s Best Coffee Makers Are Turning to Moldy Beans

    By Kat Odell for Bloomberg

    “Chefs generally want to keep mold out of their kitchens, but they make an exception for koji. For around a decade, the fungus has been a secret weapon for trailblazing chefs like Rene Redzepi at Noma in Copenhagen, used to ferment grains, cure proteins and impart umami to dishes both sweet and savory. Now, the culinary world’s most popular mold is poised to become the biggest trend in the specialty coffee world. Enterprising producers believe the multipurpose ingredient can improve on mediocre coffee beans, and produce a better-tasting caffeinated cup.”

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  • If You Own an Espresso Machine, You Need a Knock Box

    By Tyler Chin for Gear Patrol

    “What makes a knock box a knock box is a bar that runs horizontally across the box for you to bang your portafilter to expel the puck. After you pull a shot, the puck is wet and hot. The moisture of the puck makes it get stuck inside the filter, and the puck is way too hot to go jamming your finger in there. Knocking the portafilter against the bar helps to get you a clean filter in almost no time at all.”

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