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How Cafes Use Concentrate, Add an Extra Espresso Shot, and No Coffee Maker Required

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Espresso shots in shot glasses on an orange background.
Christopher C. Jul 04, 2022
  • How can coffee shops use coffee concentrate?

    By Gisselle Guerra for Perfect Daily Grind

    “Now more than ever, we have a huge number of different ways to prepare coffee at our fingertips. As part of this, we’ve seen an explosion in the cold coffee segment; over the past few years, cold brew, nitro, and iced coffees have become more prevalent on coffee shop menus. However, as well as being able to use freshly brewed coffee or espresso for these beverages, coffee shops can also use coffee concentrate.”

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  • Here’s Why You Should Add an Extra Espresso Shot to Your Coffee

    By Autumn Swiers for Tasting Table

    “Rather than heading back to the cafe later in the afternoon for your pre-dinner pick-me-up, consider simply adding an extra shot to your morning joe in the first place. Those initial 120 mg in your mug plus the 63 mg in the added shot makes for a coffee with nearly 150% of the caffeine punch.”

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  • How to Make Coffee Without a Coffeemaker

    By Food Network Kitchen

    “Perhaps you are treated to freshly ground and roasted beans brewed in an elaborate digital thermal coffeemaker with built-in grinder. Or maybe you're low-maintenance and just want coffee and want it fast. That's all well and good, until the power goes out or the coffeemaker goes kaput. What now?”

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