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Coffee Culture Is Good for the Workplace, the Flat White, and Extract Chilling Coffee

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A barista sliding a flat white across a wood-top coffee bar.
Christopher C. Jun 13, 2022
  • Why You Should Embrace Coffee Culture in the Workplace

    By Adrian Nita for Entrepreneur

    “While many people are tempted to power through and try to get as much done as possible in a short period of time, this strategy is actually counterproductive. By taking frequent breaks and allowing yourself time to recharge and connect with your coworkers, you can boost your productivity and creativity. Unlike traditional team building activities, which can feel forced or awkward, coffee culture is a more casual way for people to gather outside of work and socialize.”

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  • What is a flat white & where did it come from?

    By Perfect Daily Grind

    “Once a unique beverage served in both Australia and New Zealand, the flat white can now be found in coffee shops around the world. […] One of the numerous claims to the invention of the flat white comes from Australian barista Alan Preston. He says he was the first coffee shop owner to permanently have the term ‘flat white’ on his menu in the mid-1980s.”

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  • Americans want coffee that tastes like candy

    By Jennifer A. Kingston for Axios

    “Sensing that our home-brewing habits are here to stay, consumer goods companies are flooding stores with new coffee products catering to our sweet tooth—and disguising the original taste.”

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  • Introducing extract chilling in coffee

    By Perfect Daily Grind

    “In his 2021 World Barista Championship (WBC) routine, three-time Australian Barista Champion Hugh Kelly introduced to the world stage a concept known as ‘extract chilling.’ During his performance, Hugh extracted his espresso over a frozen metal cube before allowing the shots to cool down. In his routine, he explained that this extraction method helps to preserve the flavour compounds in the coffee and heighten sweetness in particular.”

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