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An Interview with the Women in Coffee Project Founder, Water Filtration, and Ugandan Robusta

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Detail photo of unroasted Ugandan Robusta.
Christopher C. Jun 12, 2023
  • What do localised coffee flavour wheels mean for the industry?

    By Matt Haw for newGround

    “As specialty coffee has increased in popularity, the coffee flavour wheels have become ubiquitous – making their way out of the cupping lab and into cafés and the homes of coffee enthusiasts. However, this was not the original purpose of coffee flavour wheels. Instead, it was intended to be a guidance tool for sensory assessment within the industry. ‘The Flavor Wheel was never really designed for cuppers, it wasn’t intended to be consumer-facing,’ says Andrew. ‘The idea was that someone independent of the coffee industry could evaluate coffee coming from different breeds.’”

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  • 10 Minutes with Amaris Gutierrez-Ray, Founder of the Women in Coffee Project

    By Tanya Nanetti for Barista Magazine Online

    “After a while I wanted to discover the experience of women in coffee. I couldn’t find as much as I wanted, and this discovery led me to create the organization I wanted for myself and for the sector. It was clear there was a gap and I felt I had the energy to address it. Now, many years later, I am even more amazed at the way women around the world are able to be so many things at the same time: run their businesses and take care of their families, while finding the emotional energy to give to others to create a stronger future.”

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  • How do specialty coffee shops filter water for coffee?

    By Zoe Stanley for Perfect Daily Grind

    “For some time now, the conversation around water quality for coffee has become more and more prominent across the global specialty coffee sector. Coffee shops around the world are clearly looking to maximise water quality and consistency. By doing so, they ensure that they are serving the highest-quality beverages possible. To do this, many coffee shops invest in high-quality water filtration systems. In many cases, their water supply will not be correctly optimised for brewing coffee. Without it, they will struggle to get the best possible flavour profile in the cup.”

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  • Uganda Coffee Report: Record-High Production Driven by Young Robusta

    By Daily Coffee News

    “Uganda’s overall production has been revised upward to a record-high level of approximately 6.85 million 60-kilo bags, with arabica production holding steady at approximately 1 million bags. The increase in robusta production is attributed to largely favorable weather conditions, as well as the fruit-bearing maturation of robusta trees that were planted in 2019.”

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