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Safety of Stainless Steel, Specialty Coffee's Lingo, and Plant Milks Found More Nutritious Than Cow's Milk

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A variety of stainless-steel Fresh Roasted Coffee gear, including coffee storage canisters, insulated mugs, and pour overs.
Christopher C. May 23, 2022
  • Is It Safe to Drink from Stainless Steel?

    By Chris Sands for Tasting Table

    “High-quality stainless steel is a better choice than either plastic or aluminum, but it's important to note that some lower quality stainless steel water bottles have had their own problems with leaching chemicals.”

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  • Exploring the language of specialty coffee

    By Paul Ashby for Perfect Daily Grind

    “When you’re buying beans or visiting specialty coffee shops, you might come across terms like third wave, single origin, micro lot, or artisan. For those who are new to the specialty coffee sector, this language can be confusing. As such, for coffee professionals looking to make the specialty coffee industry more accessible, there’s a simple first step: breaking down and defining this terminology. In doing so, they will give consumers the capacity to make more informed purchasing decisions. So, what are the most common terms used in specialty coffee and what do they really mean, especially in the context of the wider industry?”

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  • Why Some Plant-Based Milks Are More Nutritious than Cow’s Milk

    By Haldan Kirsch for Tasting Table

    “Milk producers have long touted the nutritional benefits of drinking cow's milk. In some ways, dairy milk does have the lead on other alternatives, but there are some categories where they fall behind. So, which milk is the most nutritious?”

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