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Coffee and Chronic Liver Disease, Evolution of Manual Espresso Machines, and Colombia's Indigenous Coffee Communities

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A coffee farm in a valley in Colombia.
Christopher C. May 09, 2022
  • Coffee May Greatly Reduce Risk of Chronic Liver Disease, Research Shows

    By Daily Coffee News Staff for Roast Magazine

    “Researchers from the UK pored over UK Biobank data involving nearly half a million study participants whose coffee consumption was reported at the beginning a 10.7-year median study period. Among all those participants, 78% reported drinking some kind of coffee, while the remaining 22% identified as non-coffee drinkers.”

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  • Exploring the evolution of manual espresso machines

    By Ana Paula Rosas for Perfect Daily Grind

    “Typically, when we talk about espresso equipment, we imagine a machine with groupheads, a steam wand, and a built-in boiler, whether it’s semi-automatic or fully automatic. However, in recent years, we’ve seen the resurgence of “simpler” alternatives: manual espresso machines which use pressure generated from the user pushing down on the brew chamber to extract coffee.”

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  • How Long You Should Steep Your Cold Brew

    By Haldan Kirsch for Tasting Table

    “Devoted fans may enjoy their cold brew throughout the year, but for most of us, traditional coffee's chill cousin tends to take center stage during the warm months of Spring and Summer. … It can even be easily made at home with coffee, water, and a little bit of time — though exactly how much time is a little tricky to lock down.”

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  • Learning more about Colombia’s indigenous coffee-producing communities

    By Nicholas Castellano for Perfect Daily Grind

    “Indigenous peoples’ histories and traditional cultures mean they often have a unique heritage of coffee production unlike other farming communities. However, in many cases, the challenges these groups face when selling their coffees are often not fully addressed by the wider coffee industry.”

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