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Gesha Doesn't Win, Cold Brew's Profile, and Flavor Preferences

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Cold brew coffee being poured out of a large container.
Christopher C. May 08, 2023
  • Coffee’s Quiet Battleground: Closing the Gap Between Industry and Consumer Flavor Preferences

    By Phil Beattie for Roast Magazine

    “There is a quiet flavor battle brewing, and the frontlines are somewhere between the coffee mug and the cupping table. In this battle, you’ll hear cries to rally folks to the strong camp, the smooth camp, or the vibrant camp. Citrus and lactic lock arms to charge headlong into milk chocolate and nougat, while bittersweet and oaky wait for their chance to make headway. In this battle there are three camps—the coffee traditionalists, the devotees, and the new wavers—all with a deep care for their cup and an axe to grind about how other coffee drinkers look at them.”

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  • 4 Out Of 6 US Barista Finalists Used A Gesha (But Not The Champion)

    By Zac Cadwalader for Sprudge

    “Competitors that used Geshas placed second, third, fifth, and sixth in 2023, but the winning coffee was a more mainstream, a variety that while rare doesn’t always come with the price tag of Geshas and other experimental micro-lots often used in competition. The top spot went to Isaiah Sheese of Archetype Coffee and his Pink Bourbon, produced at Finca Buena Vista in Guatemala before being turned over to Diego Bermudez of Finca El Paraiso in Colombia for his proprietary ‘thermal shock’ processing.”

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  • Why does cold brew taste different to other coffee brewing methods?

    By Jackson Booth for Perfect Daily Grind

    “Before we look into the study on brew temperature and sensory profiles, we first need to understand why cold brew is so popular. During the 1600s, Japanese sailors would often prepare cold coffee drinks on ships. This would help to mitigate any fire hazards when brewing hot coffee. However, the recent explosion in cold brew consumption we’ve seen has meant cold brew is now apparently the third most popular way of preparing coffee in the US – after drip coffee and single-serve options.”

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