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2023 US Coffee Champs, Espresso Precision, and Getting Serious About Sustainability

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Closeup photo of an espresso being pulled through a double portafilter.
Christopher C. May 01, 2023
  • Here Are the Winners of the 2023 US Coffee Championships

    By Sprudge

    “Nearly 200 coffee professionals from across the country descended upon Portland, Oregon in hopes of winning a national title. It was a hard-fought weekend, especially for those competitors to made it to Sunday and had to perform at a super-high level one last time. But after what preceded it, what’s another 15 more minutes? And compete they did one last time, for the chance to be crown a US Coffee champion.”

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  • Why is precision so important for espresso machines?

    By Zoe Stanley for Perfect Daily Grind

    “Since the world’s first espresso machine was patented by Angelo Moriondo in 1884, design has come a long way. Between becoming more sleek and modern and focusing on controlling espresso extraction, technology continues to evolve. Throughout this growth, precision has always been a guiding focus – and this continues to be the case. Now more than ever, coffee shops and roasters invest in high-quality, precise espresso machines for a number of reasons.”

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  • In the coffee industry, sustainability is about to get serious

    By Ben Mitchell for newGround

    “As is well known by now, coffee production is one of the most environmentally and socially exploitative agricultural value chains, with massive monocrop production diminishing biodiversity and depleting soil nutrients, leading to the clearing of our forests as producers search for fresh soil. Processing methods, such as wet-milling, exhaust precious water resources, and volatile market prices leave producers in uncertainty, often being paid under $3 a day. All the while, global consumption continues to rise. The International Coffee Organisation estimates that growing demand for coffee has led to a 60% increase in production over the last thirty years – a growing strain on our planet and its resources with each year that passes.”

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  • Coffee roasters: Where do you go after being a head roaster?

    By Zoe Stanley for Perfect Daily Grind

    “Career progression is important for any working professional, and the same goes for those in the specialty coffee sector. For many in the industry, opportunities to develop their skills are invaluable. This includes head roasters, who often spend years honing their craft. However, after years of running a roasting team, there also comes a time when head roasters want to look for new career pathways in the coffee sector. So, what does career progression look like for head roasters?”

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