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Temperature Profiling Espresso, AeroPress Filters, and the Art of Small Talk

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Brewing AeroPress coffee over vanilla ice cream on a tan background.
Christopher C. Apr 24, 2023
  • Understanding the genius of temperature profiling in espresso

    By Ben Mitchell for New Ground

    “Flow and pressure profiling are now well-established concepts in espresso brewing. The first involves manipulating the speed at which water flows through the espresso puck; the second is the number of bars of pressure that are exerted. Temperature profiling, however, is relatively new. The basic idea is that baristas control the temperature of the water throughout a shot to bring out different nuances in the coffee. For example, baristas could start with a relatively high temperature, before slowly decreasing it during the extraction to change sweetness or acidity.”

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  • What’s the difference between paper and metal AeroPress filters?

    By Tim Choi for Perfect Daily Grind

    “Paper filters are popular for many reasons, including their ability to absorb some of the oils present in coffee during extraction. This leads to a cleaner-tasting flavour profile with a less enhanced body. However, in terms of performance and how they affect coffee flavour, there is a lot of variation between paper filters. This can depend on the type of material used to manufacture them, or whether they are bleached or unbleached. Moreover, given the rising interest in sustainability in the coffee industry, more and more people are opting for reusable coffee filters, such as metal, which help to reduce waste.”

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  • How baristas can perfect the art of small talk

    By Jordan Montgomery for New Ground

    “‘Humans are designed to have social interaction. These interactions are incredibly important for our overall well-being, and even the smallest ones can make the difference.’ But customer happiness and satisfaction may not be the only reason to engage in small talk. It can also help to increase overall revenue and foster a loyal customer base. Indeed, a separate study published in the International Journal of Hospitality Management showed creating relationships with customers has a significant impact on brand loyalty and revenue in coffee shop chains.”

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