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Detecting Brain Waves with Coffee, Koji Fermented Coffee, and Espresso Channeling

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Trick pour using a Chemex coffee maker to pour into two mugs at the same time.
Christopher C. Apr 18, 2022
  • Waste coffee grounds could someday help detect brain waves.

    By the American Chemical Society

    “Spent coffee grounds have previously been used to make porous carbon supercapacitors for energy storage. But now, new research led by principal investigator Ashley Ross, Ph.D., has taken recycled coffee waste in another, more biological direction. She and her team have demonstrated that electrodes coated with carbon from this waste can detect trace levels of biomolecules in vitro. According to Ross, this is the first example of residual coffee grounds being repurposed for biosensing applications.”

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  • What’s the best way to clean the inside of a coffee maker? Here’s how to keep it clean.

    By Terry Baddoo for USA Today

    “A traditional way to clean a coffee maker involves flushing it through with a solution of water and vinegar. However, afterward, some feel that makes your first few cups of coffee taste and smell bad. A better, scent-free cleaning option is denture cleaning tablets.”

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  • What is channeling and how does it affect espresso extraction?

    By Zoe Stanley for Perfect Daily Grind

    “Have you been wondering why your espresso shots just don’t taste right? Are they extracting too quickly, spraying, or flowing out one side? If you’ve experienced anything like this when pulling a shot, the most common cause for many of these issues is something known as ‘channeling’.”

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  • Coffee Very Popular, Says National Coffee Association

    By Zac Cadwalader for Sprudge

    “Coffee is a pretty popular drink—as a Sprudge reader you don’t need me to tell you twice. But just how popular? Incredibly popular, according to the National Coffee Association, whose recent poll finds that coffee consumption in America is at ‘the highest it has been in two decades.’”

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  • What is koji fermented coffee?

    By Dominic Vittitow for Perfect Daily Grind

    “In recent years, experimental processing methods which leverage the power of fermentation (such as anaerobic fermentation and carbonic maceration) have become increasingly common. However, there is still room for further innovation in coffee processing. One of the newest emerging trends in processing is using something called ‘koji mould’ as a unique priming agent during the fermentation stage. This new method is commonly referred to as ‘koji coffee,’ ‘oryzae coffee’ or ‘koji supernatural processing’.”

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