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Female Coffee Farmer Photo Series, Coffee Color, and Coffee's Fourth Wave

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Christopher C. Apr 17, 2023
  • The power of photography: Putting female coffee farmers on the map

    By Gabriella Oakley for New Ground

    “Despite women accounting for around 70% of the global coffee workforce, historically, leadership and decision-making in the industry have been dominated by men. A new book by US-based Colombian photographer Lucia Bawot aims to challenge this disparity. We Belong: An Anthology of Colombian Women Coffee Farmers shines a light on the lives and roles of women in the sector that have gone largely unnoticed on the international stage. According to Lucia, although there are 162,000 women working in Colombia’s coffee industry, their work often goes unrecognised – and, in some cases, is not even paid. ‘Colombian coffee is promoted as being produced by families or by men,’ she says.”

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  • The Sensory Story Of Color In Coffee

    By Jenn Chen for Sprudge

    “The psychological part of color theory tells us what feelings we associate with certain colors. If you organize your phone apps by color or category, you’re probably already familiar with this. Blue builds trust, which is why so many bank logos have blue in them (however, remember that color doesn’t solve everything; it can only help build so much trust). Red warns us of danger or to stop before we go. Green is all about growth and nature.”

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  • SCA Paper Questions Roles and Skills Associated with Coffee Cupping

    By Nick Brown for Daily Coffee News

    “The paper is part of a broader effort by the SCA to redefine and revise its systemic approaches to coffee evaluation, including a forthcoming new cupping form and protocol that are expected to be introduced to ‘early adopters’ this year. The new white paper is the first output from a cupping task force formed by the group last year that currently includes 40 volunteers.”

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  • What should the fourth wave of coffee focus on?

    By Jordan Montgomery for New Ground

    “Broadly speaking, the first, second, and third waves of coffee were responses to accessibility and consumer demand. It would, therefore, seem safe to assume that the fourth wave will follow a similar path. However, this time, many coffee industry leaders are calling for the next wave to prioritise being purposeful and radical, rather than reactionary. One of the leading arguments is for the coffee sector to redefine sustainability, with a renewed focus on financial sustainability in coffee-producing countries.”

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