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South American Coffee Change, History of Manual Brewers, and Knowing Different Coffee Processes

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A diner mug with coffee being poured into it next to an image of a Chemex Classic.
Christopher C. Apr 11, 2022
  • How Local Coffee Groups Drive Change in Chile, Mexico & Peru

    By Gabriella Wong for Perfect Daily Grind

    “Peru, Chile, and Mexico might all be considered part of Latin America, but the similarities between their local coffee scenes end there. Here’s how different coffee organisations in these three countries are working to address some of the issues that each one is facing.”

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  • A Brief History of Manual Brewing Methods

    By Miguel Angel Hernandez for Perfect Daily Grind

    “Whether you’re a home brewer wanting to know more about which device to invest in, or a barista looking to better understand the origins of the device you use every day, you’ll benefit from knowing the history of the following manual brewing devices. Here’s how approaches to manual coffee brewing have changed over time, as well as the most popular devices that dominate the market today.”

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  • More Americans Drinking Coffee and Venturing Outside the Home, NCA Report Shows

    By Nick Brown for Daily Coffee News

    “The percentage of Americans who reported drinking coffee within the past day has reached a two-decade high (66%), while coffee drinkers are steadily returning to out-of-home coffee consumption as pandemic concerns ease.”

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  • Coffee Got Complicated: Know Your Natural from Your Washed from Your Honey

    By Lauren Mowery for Forbes

    “Consider the term ‘green coffee.’ Even the hue of standard commodity beans—the second most heavily traded commodity in the world after crude oil—can be several shades removed. Referring to the color of beans before roasting, green coffee can range from dark raisin to dried chickpea, and the taste profiles, for those attuned to them, can also be wildly different.”

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