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Millennials Love Cold Brew, Orange Juice and Coffee, and the Greek Freddo

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Millennial looking longingly at a glass of frosty cold brew coffee.
Christopher C. Apr 04, 2022
  • Orange Juice and Coffee Is a Thing on TikTok

    By CoffeeTalk

    “Did you know that the majority of people on TikTok consume orange juice and coffee? In other words, orange juice with a shot of espresso. Not a glass of juice and a cup of coffee, as is customary for breakfast.”

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  • Drinking coffee could benefit your heart and help you live longer, research finds

    By Kristen Rogers for CNN

    “Contrary to worries among some doctors and the public, drinking coffee may actually protect your heart instead of causing or worsening heart problems. Drinking two to three cups of coffee daily has been associated with a 10% to 15% lower risk of getting heart disease, heart failure or a heart rhythm problem, or dying early for any reason, according to three research abstracts published Thursday.”

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  • A Complete Guide to the Greek Freddo

    By Tasmin Grant for Perfect Daily Grind

    “You might be wondering what exactly a Freddo is, and what makes it so beloved by Greeks. Or if you’ve enjoyed the espresso-based beverage yourself, you might be wondering how it fits into third wave coffee and international coffee culture in general. To answer both these questions, I spoke with Christos Zamanakis, Education and Quality Manager at Dimello Coffee, and Michalis Katsiavos, 2018 Greek Barista Champion, to explore the past, present, and future of this popular drink.”

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  • How Cold Brew Captured the Millennial Market

    By Tasmin Grant for Perfect Daily Grind

    “Having been invented several decades ago, it’s re-emergence as a popular beverage choice for younger generations is something coffee shops and roasters should be noting. By understanding how and why they enjoy cold brew, you can better market it to their preferences.”

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