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London Fog's Backstory, Peruvian Agroforestry, and Rotating Green Coffee

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A London Fog in a glass mug in front of florals and a French Vanilla syrup bottle.
Christopher C. Apr 03, 2023
  • What Is A London Fog?

    By Liz Clayton for Sprudge

    “As to London, Sprudge was unable to identify any cafes serving a London Fog in London. One local source we consulted told Sprudge that they had ‘no idea what this is’ and were ‘appalled at the idea of a lot of milk with Earl Grey,’ and added that furthermore they had ‘never seen it on a menu… never seen anyone drink one,’ and ‘had no idea it existed.’”

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  • Specialty roasters: How often should you rotate your green coffee?

    By Daniel Lancaster for Perfect Daily Grind

    “In order for customers to experience the full spectrum of the flavours in coffee, it must be fresh, so it’s important to rotate them. This is because as coffee ages, it oxidises and becomes stale, thereby losing its flavours and aromas. Roasted coffee is much more susceptible to staling than green coffee as the roasting process causes a number of irreversible changes in the beans’ cell structure. However, green coffee can still age and lose its freshness, so roasters need to also take this into consideration. Generally speaking, green coffee stays fresh for six to 12 months, so roasters should purchase coffee with this in mind.”

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  • Key agroforestry resource expands for farmers in Peru

    By World Coffee Research

    “Peruvian coffee farmers and professionals interested in using agroforestry systems to cultivate coffee and mitigate climate change have a new tool at their disposal: The Shade Catalog: Peru. Available in both English and Spanish, the Catalog provides environmentally specific knowledge to support farmers in selecting shade trees that are beneficial for coffee, support and diversify household incomes, provide ecosystem services, and offer advantages to biodiversity.”

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