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Dude, Where's My Eugenioides, Wasps vs. Beetles in Hawaii, and How Caffeine Energy Works

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A Hawaiian island with a wasp and beetle in the foreground.
Christopher C. Mar 20, 2023
  • Whatever happened to Eugenioides coffee?

    By Sarah Charles for Coffee Intelligence

    “During the 2021 World Barista Championship final, you could hear the excitement in Diego Campos’ voice as he described his winning coffee to the judges: ‘It is by far the most surprising and fascinating coffee I have ever tasted,’ he said. The coffee in question was coffea eugenioides – a little-known species marked out for its sweetness, low acidity, and smooth and silky mouthfeel. […] Unlike arabica and robusta varieties, [however,] growing a ‘new’ species like Eugenioides coffee is a risky bet for producers.”

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  • Hawaii May Use Wasps to Deal with Their Coffee Borer Beetle Problem

    By Zac Cadwalader for Sprudge

    “I’m all for whatever measures can safely eradicate the coffee borer beetle from farms. That said, I’m also very anti any non-bee needle with wings. And I’m sure it’s a good plan, thoroughly researched by those experts in these sorts of matters, but doesn’t it just sound like the first in a series of unfortunate events?”

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  • Nope, Coffee Won’t Give You Extra Energy. It’ll Just Borrow a Bit that You’ll Pay for Later

    By Emma Beckett for Daily Coffee News

    “While it feels energizing, this little caffeine intervention is more a loan of the awake feeling, rather than a creation of any new energy. This is because the caffeine won’t bind forever, and the adenosine that it blocks doesn’t go away. So eventually the caffeine breaks down, lets go of the receptors and all that adenosine that has been waiting and building up latches on and the drowsy feeling comes back — sometimes all at once. So, the debt you owe the caffeine always eventually needs to be repaid, and the only real way to repay it is to sleep.”

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