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Neon Coffee Art, the Flat Red, and Drones in Coffee Production

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A neon sign.
Christopher C. Mar 13, 2023
  • All Neon Like: The Glowing, Glorious History of Neon Coffee Art

    By Jenn Chen for Sprudge

    “Neon and coffee go hand in hand, bathing your favorite cup in a soft glow. Today it’s part of a wider interior design milieu: the living plant wall, a sun-lit corner with dramatic shadows, and a cheeky phrase lit up, curving in an exaggerated script font. But long, long ago—before Instagram, before the permanent daylight of the Las Vegas Strip, and before enormous digital screens took up residence in Times Square—there were illuminated tubes and coffee mugs to light the way.”

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  • What is a flat red coffee & where did it come from?

    By Janice Chinna Kanniah for Perfect Daily Grind

    “In many coffee shops around the world, more and more baristas are developing new and innovative drinks. These beverages can help a coffee business to stand out, as well as creating new sensory experiences for consumers. One example is the flat red, an espresso-based drink which includes steamed pomegranate and orange juice. The beverage originated in Ukraine, where it continues to remain popular.”

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  • Exploring the Potential of Drones in Coffee Production

    By Vasileia Fanarioti for Barista Magazine Online

    “Aerial mapping software and powerful drones are necessary to capture high-resolution images of land and vegetation. The software uses these images to create detailed maps showing individual plants, which allows farmers to monitor the health of their plants and identify any problems quickly.”

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