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Mazagran Coffee, James Hoffmann Book Review, and Liberian Specialty Coffee

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A world map with a green arrow pointing to Liberia.
Christopher C. Feb 20, 2023
  • What is mazagran coffee & how do you make it?

    By Isabelle Mani SanMax for Perfect Daily Grind

    “It’s believed that the origins of mazagran coffee date back to 1840. It was during this time that France invaded and colonised Algeria – a north African country which borders Morocco and Tunisia. Along with a more rudimentary form of cold brew which was consumed by Japanese sailors in the 17th century, mazagran has been described as “the original iced coffee” by some historians. Today, the cold coffee drink is popular during the warmer months in some countries, and contains a number of ingredients.”

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  • How to Make the Best Coffee at Home By James Hoffmann: Book Review

    By Tanya Nanetti for Barista Magazine

    “James Hoffmann is one of the most recognizable people in the world of specialty coffee. His YouTube channel is both informative and fun to watch. His first book, The World Atlas of Coffee, is often considered a bible of the specialty-coffee world. Hence the excitement over the release of his new book, How to Make the Best Coffee at Home.”

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  • How is specialty coffee produced in Liberia?

    By Peter Gakuo for Perfect Daily Grind

    “In the years since [Liberia’s production peak], coffee production has dropped considerably for a number of complex reasons. As part of this decline, more farmers are growing more profitable cash crops instead, such as cocoa and natural rubber. However, when it comes to its coffee production, Liberia is perhaps best known for Coffea liberica: a coffee species that produces large cherries. In part, this helps to enhance the sweetness of liberica, as well as prolonging its aftertaste. In recent years, these qualities have helped to increase liberica’s presence in the specialty coffee sector.”

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