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Syphon Brewing, Upcycling Coffee Grounds for Kombucha, and the Rise of Oat Milk

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A row of siphon coffee brewers.
Christopher C. Jan 30, 2023
  • What is syphon brewing & how does it affect coffee extraction?

    By Rachel Keen for Perfect Daily Grind

    “While it’s believed that the first-ever vacuum coffee brewer was invented by Loeff of Berlin sometime in the 1830s, syphons started to become commercially available in the mid-1800s thanks to French inventor Marie Fanny Amelne Massot. Around the same time, Scottish engineer Robert Napier designed his Napier Coffee Pot, which also creates a vacuum to brew coffee. […] Since then, many types of vacuum brewers have entered the market, but the most popular model is the syphon – specifically the Hario syphon, which is widely used in Japanese and Taiwanese coffee shops.”

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  • How to turn spent coffee grounds into a punchy kombucha – recipe

    By Tom Hunt for The Guardian

    “I love upcycling coffee grounds. For starters, they are free, and they are also carbon-positive, because you’re repurposing a product that would otherwise have gone to waste. Coffee kombucha is much like traditional kombucha, and has a serious caffeine kick, so I tend to have only a small glass at a time, otherwise I can get the coffee jitters or even anxious.”

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  • How did oat milk get so popular?

    By Janice Chinna Kanniah for Perfect Daily Grind

    “Over the past few years, it’s been impossible to ignore the meteoric rise of oat milk in specialty coffee. In fact, oat milk is so popular that it’s now uncommon for a coffee shop not to stock it. According to research from World Coffee Portal in 2021, 16% of UK consumers have tried oat milk in a coffee shop in the past 12 months – making it the most popular plant milk in the country. Moreover, UK sales of oat milk increased by over 100% between 2019 and 2020 to £146 million (US $177.8 million).”

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