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GMO Coffee, "Too Much Coffee Man" Artist Interview, and the Weiss Distribution Technique

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A coffee mug on an electron.
Christopher C. Jan 23, 2023
  • Does GMO coffee exist?

    By Leah Bowman for Perfect Daily Grind

    “Today, there are around 120 identified species of coffee, which means there is an almost endless number of different varieties – especially when we consider wild varieties which grow naturally. Hybrid varieties, which are cultivated by researchers and agronomists to improve both yield and quality, are also becoming more common. And while these hybrid varieties aren’t technically genetically modified, their existence still leads to a pertinent question: can coffee be genetically modified? And if so, what are the advantages?”

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  • 10 Minutes With Shannon Wheeler

    By Vasileia Fanarioti for Barista Magazine Online

    “In this interview, we get to know a bit more about the artist and creator of Too Much Coffee Man, Shannon Wheeler. TMCM is a comic book series that first appeared in the early ’90s and has since become a cult classic. The main character, Too Much Coffee Man, is a superhero with amazing powers derived from coffee. He rarely sleeps and has an excess of caffeine, giving him the ability to go into manic paranoid frenzies in combat.”

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  • What is the Weiss Distribution Technique & should you use it before tamping coffee?

    By Yudi Guo for Perfect Daily Grind

    “There are many variables to consider when pulling espresso shots, which include dose, yield, extraction time, and grind size. As well as these, we also need to remember that puck preparation techniques – including distribution and tamping – are equally important. Essentially, good distribution and tamping techniques help you to achieve even extraction and allow you to get the best out of your coffee.”

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