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Arthur McGowan

Native to the Blue Mountains, Arthur was exposed to coffee farming at a very young age. Following his father’s passing in 1997, Arthur took what farming knowledge he inherited and some savings from his time with the Caribbean Regal Steel Band and invested them into his own coffee farm. Over 15 years later, Arthur continues to ensure each harvest is the highest quality it can be.

Trumpet Tree Coffee Factory

Trumpet Tree Coffee Factory was founded in February 2014 and is a member of the Jamaica Coffee Exporters Association (JCEA). JCEA was established to help farmers of Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee through better pricing, brand development, market expansion, and increased production. Trumpet Tree consists of five farms, located in Flamstead, Good Hope, and Constitution Hill. These farms collectively span 83 acres.

Jamaican coffee yields are largely Typica, a varietal that brews a clean, sweet cup and is found all over the world. Jamaica’s climate, soil, and geography are all optimal for coffee growing.

A Hands-On Approach

Trumpet Tree Coffee Factory is involved from every aspect of production, from the handpicking of quality cherries to small-batch processing, all of which guarantees traceability, remarkable consistency, and delicate, complex flavors. And you’ll taste it all in each sip of our Jamaican 100% Blue Mountain Coffee.

Pulping and Washing

The pulping facility in Constitution Hill utilized small, mechanized pulpers and a mucilage remover to wash the beans. Washed coffee is all about the seed, not the cherry. Most specialty coffees are washed because this process gives the most true-to-origin experience, as the mucilage can impart syrupy flavors if left intact during processing. The removed pulp is then stored for compost as the beans move onto the next step.

Drying and Finishing

Trumpet Tree coffee is sun-dried, and then transported to a temperature- and humidity-controlled room to rest for eight weeks before they are roasted or shipped to order.

The Conditions

Growing at 1,333 meters above sea level and higher, this high altitude makes for sweeter, lighter coffee, so we medium-roast our Jamaica 100% Blue Mountain coffee. To balance out the natural acidity, a medium roast introduces notes of cedar and root beer, which deliciously meld with the floral, creamy flavors of origin. Blue Mountain coffee matures slowly, giving it a richer, sweeter profile.

Fresh Roasted Coffee Sells Certified Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

There are lots of companies that claim to sell Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee, but without proper certification, consumers can’t be sure of what they’re getting. Fresh Roasted Coffee is a licensed coffee dealer under the Constitution Hill Trumpet Tree Coffee Factory Limited, certified by the Jamaica Agricultural Commodities Regulatory Authority (JACRA). Our customers expect the highest quality from Fresh Roasted Coffee, and we’re proud that our 100% Blue Mountain offering is certified Jamaican-grown genuine Trumpet Tree Coffee.


  • RP
    rick payne

    Just got some of the blue mountain pods for Christmas and my family and I loved it.

  • M

    My Jamacian Ladyfriend told me about this Blue Mountain Coffee, so I’m hoping it’s as great in K-Cups for my Keurig coffee brewer, that it still has all the amazing notes. I’m a retired Chef and needing a great coffee to enjoy daily.

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