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Francis Dubois

Fresh Roasted Coffee’s Organic Haitian Blue is grown and processed in Dondon, Haiti, which is in the northern part of the country. COOPACVOD President Francis Dubois sowed the seeds for the organization in 1980, upon his move to Dondon. With over 800 farms currently in its ranks, COOPACVOD’s primary goal for Haitians is sustainable employment. The organization is working to create as many jobs in Haiti as possible within the coffee sector, which is demonstrated by their Direct Trade status and organic certifications. These factors leave more of the work to the producer, so more people are needed.

By purchasing direct trade coffee, consumers are responsible for helping to provide sustainable employment to over 2,000 Haitians who are paid roughly 300% higher wages than Fair Trade for this incredible coffee.

Direct Trade

Direct Trade producers can receive better prices for their coffee because they are in direct contact with purchasers, thus avoiding the expenses associated with exporters and importers. Direct Trade is more of a promise of quality than a certification, but there are still requirements for enrollment.

Dubois utilizes a eco-friendly method for lot irrigation, hydroelectricity, and coffee washing. Water from a nearby river is diverted, and then filtered before it returns to the river so as not to contaminate the source with coffee’s natural acidity.


The benefits of organic certification for the producers and the roasters are huge. Certification gives access to markets not otherwise available, premium pricing, and eligibility for grants and financial assistance, among many other things.

Washing and Drying

The coffees grown within COOPACVOD are all washed and dried on patios. Washed coffee is all about the seed, not the cherry. Most specialty coffees are washed because this process gives the most true-to-origin experience, as the mucilage can impart syrupy flavors if left intact during processing. Washed coffee dried on cement patios takes about 6 - 7 days until it’s ready. The beans are spread out thin in layers in rows and shifted every 30 - 40 minutes.

Our Organic Haitian Blue comes from the same Arabica varietal as Jamaica Blue Mountain, at a fraction of the cost. These rare organic coffee beans boast spicy notes like cinnamon and sweet tobacco, with a rich plum finish. The coffee Fresh Roasted Coffee sources from COOPACVOD is the only organic, shade-grown coffee available in the entire country.

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