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Roots #1

A little over three hours from Goroka, the capital of the Eastern Highlands Region, Roots #1 is a network of partnership-minded smallholders who sow Typica, Arusha, and Bourbon varieties in the Okapa district. Producer Tony Tokah took the helm in 2012 to establish a system of resource management for the 60,000-person population, whose coffee lots resemble gardens more than they do, well, lots. This restructuring of the Okapa district’s coffee production helped stabilize and increase their output. Deeply rooted shade trees help protect coffee plants from strong winds and provide nutrients to the soil.

Washing and Drying

Tokah and Roots #1 utilize wet processing—also known as washed—to maintain the true flavor of their coffee beans. Washed coffee is all about the seed, not the cherry. Most specialty coffees are washed because this process gives the most true-to-origin experience, as the mucilage can impart syrupy flavors if left intact during processing. After washing and fermentation, the coffee is dried on raised beds, which are specialized beds made of wood, chicken wire, and plastic netting that promote airflow.

Fresh Roasted Coffee

Coffee from Papua New Guinea is already impeccably dynamic, so we keep its origin notes front and center with a medium roast. This gives its cherry flavor some rich chocolate grounding while maintaining the brew’s overall clarity. The initial taste reflects dark berry flavors and ends with a dark chocolate, but remarkably clean finish.

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    Rusty J

    I’m enjoying reading the background of all these single origin coffees, well done!

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