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Organic Sumatra Water-Processed Half Caf - Roasted Coffee

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Organic Sumatra Water-Processed Half Caf

Roasted Coffee


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Fair Trade Certified OU Kosher Certified Swiss Water Process USDA Organic Certified Water Process Decaf


This coffee is a half and half blend of our Organic Fair Trade Sumatra and our Organic Fair Trade, Water-Processed Sumatra Decaf. Both organically grown, chemical-free coffees combine to form a rich and bold decaf coffee with no astringent decaf flavor. Heavy earthen and chocolate flavors are at the forefront of this delicious low caffeine offering.

Both components to this bold and flavorful half caf originate in the Aceh region of Sumatra and are grown in lush shade cover and organic soil. From start to finish, both coffees are meticulously grown and cared for and suppliers pay premiums for the Fair Trade and RFA certifications. These premiums help to benefit the local community infrastructure and help to maintain health and educational standards.

Organic Sumatra Water-Processed Half Caf - Roasted Coffee

Roast Level

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light dark

Medium roasting introduces Maillard (browned and deep) notes to the cup, such as spice, caramel, and toasted nuts. Medium roasts may feature a little oil on the beans.

Organic Sumatra Water-Processed Half Caf - Roasted Coffee

Roast Body

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Bold Body

Bold-bodied coffees have a heavier, thicker mouthfeel, which is often accompanied by stone fruit and chocolate notes.

Cupping Notes

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A coffee’s process describes how the seed (aka the coffee bean) is separated from the coffee cherry. Popular methods include washed, dry, and honey, but there are many other processes that put special emphasis on different aspects of these methods.

The washing process

Washing Process

Wet Hulled
The drying process

Drying Process

Patio and solar dried machine
The varietal type

Coffee Varietal

Adsenia, Bourbon, Typica, Ateng


Harvest and export times are based off when a particular coffee will be at its peak quality. Cherries picked at the start of the harvest season tend to be underdeveloped, and those picked at the end are often overdeveloped, so producers aim for that sweet spot in the middle.


Sept - May


Jan - Dec
Farmers pick coffee cherries in Sumatra, Indonesia.


Aceh is the westernmost region of the Indonesian island of Sumatra where coffee farms abound. The combination of high elevation and volcanic soil make for coffees that are rich and lower in acidity with notes of nutty dark chocolate. In the Takengon Highlands is a cooperative that honors Sumatran coffee traditions w...

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