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Sumatra Mandheling coffee is widely known for its smooth chocolate flavor with earthy undertones. This bold and medium roasted Indonesian coffee is perfect for those who prefer coffee with low acidity and full mouthfeel. 

  • Cupping Notes: dark chocolate, cedar, heavy
  • Roast Body: Bold
  • Roast Level: Medium
  • Caffeine Level: Caffeinated
  • Single Origin: Lintong, Sumatra

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  • Origin: Lintong, Sumatra
  • Altitude: 1,200 - 1,400 meters ASL
  • Varietal: Typica, Lasuna
  • Process: Wet hulled 
  • Drying: Dried on raised beds
  • Harvest: June - December

Coffees from Sumatra are often noted for a very strong, immediately earthy flavor. The wet hull process undergone by this coffee plays a specific role in developing the earthy, vegetal and sometimes spiced flavors that can be identified in many premium Sumatran coffee beans. This Indonesian coffee undergoes an overnight fermentation, which swells the coffee beans with water. This type of fermentation transforms the unique flavor profile of Sumatran coffee, bringing about the unique characteristics that we've all come to love from this famous coffee region.