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Organic World Tour - Roasted Coffee Bundle

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Organic World Tour

Roasted Coffee Bundle


Organic World Tour - Roasted Coffee Bundle

Get a taste of everything the world of coffee has to offer! The African selection is light and bright and the South American is sweet and bold. Balanced and smooth defines the Central American coffee, while the Indo-Pacific selection shows off the richness that defines varieties from that part of the world. Each selection is USDA organic certified and OU kosher certified. Bundle contains four 12 oz bags.

  • Rwanda - This offering from Rwanda is a stellar showcase of the fine coffees from this region. The cup quality is extremely smooth, with sparkling acidity and a plush mouthfeel. Notes of zesty citrus and tropical fruits are prominent, with an ultra-sweet brown sugar finish.
  • Guatemala - This Guatemalan coffee is revered for its balanced flavor and velvety smooth body. The forward flavors from the initial profile of our organic Huehuetenango coffee present hints of milk chocolate and rounds off into a sweet orange finish. The acidity of this medium roast coffee is mild and citrusy, making the overall cup absolutely delectable.
  • Colombia - Colombia is at the heart of the coffee universe for a reason. This stunning single origin organic coffee has a silky sweet, smooth body with hints of chocolate and roasted almond. The finish is refreshing with hints of tangerine, rounded off with relatively low acidity from the medium roast level.
  • Bali - Bali Blue Moon coffee is overwhelmingly rich with syrupy dark chocolate notes, a creamy mouthfeel and spiced finish. The earthiness found in many Indonesian coffees takes a backseat with this Bali Blue Moon coffee, where earthy notes are very subtle overall.