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Organic Java Taman Dadar - Classic Pods

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Organic Java Taman Dadar

Classic Pods


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OU Kosher Certified Rainforest Alliance Certified USDA Organic Certified


Our organic Java Taman Dadar coffee is an excellent Indonesian offering with hints of syrupy chocolate and woody flavors without the overwhelming earthy undertones present among many Indonesian coffees. The result is a bold, heavy coffee up front with a clean overall finish. This unique Java coffee is also Rainforest Alliance Certified, meaning it's routinely audited to meet the strict Rainforest Alliance standards of environmental, social and economic sustainability.

This single-serve coffee is compatible with many popular K-Cup® brewing systems. "Keurig" and "K-Cup" are registered trademarks of Keurig Green Mountain, Inc. Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC is not an affiliate nor licensee of Keurig Green Mountain, Inc

Organic Java Taman Dadar - Classic Pods

Roast Level

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light dark

Medium roasting introduces Maillard (browned and deep) notes to the cup, such as spice, caramel, and toasted nuts. Medium roasts may feature a little oil on the beans.

Organic Java Taman Dadar - Classic Pods

Roast Body

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Mild Body

Often described as tea-like and smooth, mild-bodied coffees tend to be light and bright on the palate.

Cupping Notes

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A coffee’s process describes how the seed (aka the coffee bean) is separated from the coffee cherry. Popular methods include washed, dry, and honey, but there are many other processes that put special emphasis on different aspects of these methods.

The washing process

Washing Process

Wet Hulled
The drying process

Drying Process

Patio sun-dried
The varietal type

Coffee Varietal



Harvest and export times are based off when a particular coffee will be at its peak quality. Cherries picked at the start of the harvest season tend to be underdeveloped, and those picked at the end are often overdeveloped, so producers aim for that sweet spot in the middle.


Apr - Nov


Jan - Dec
A coffee farmer in Java, Indonesia, prunes coffee trees.


When you hear the word “Java,” your mind instantly jumps to coffee, and for good reason. In addition to growing some of the finest coffees available today, Javanese beans are also in one of history’s most famous blends: mocha java. Perhaps the world’s first documented coffee blend, Mocha Java came to be thanks to th...

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