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Our fair trade, organic Honduran Marcala coffee highlights the nutty and bright complexities that make coffee beans from Honduras so excellent. With additional flavor notes of milk chocolate, you get a smooth and sugary-sweet body with an acidic lemon wedge finish. 
  • Cupping Notes: walnut, milk chocolate, lemon
  • Roast Body: Bold
  • Roast Level: Medium
  • Certifications: USDA Organic, Fair Trade Certified
  • Caffeine Level: Caffeinated
  • Single Origin: La Paz, Marcala, Honduras

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  • Origin: Marcala, Honduras
  • Region: La Paz
  • Altitude: 4,250 - 5,575 Feet (1,295 - 1,699 Meters)
  • Varietals: Bourbon, Typica, Cataui, Caturra
  • Process: Washed
  • Drying: Solar and mechanical drying
  • Harvest: December - April
  • Export Period: February - June

Honduras has a full deck when it comes to coffee production, soaring altitudes, beautiful weather and perfect soil. With updated farming techniques and more modern agricultural standards being set, Honduran coffees from areas like Marcala rival high grown Guatemalan coffees in flavor and body. The fair trade premiums for this particular coffee help to fund local teacher's salaries and buys supplies for schools in the area.  

*California residents: Click for Proposition 65 warning.