Valentine's Day Tea Tin Trio Gift Set



Our Holiday Tea Tin Trio features three reusable 2 oz. containers of our most romantic teas - Organic Secret Garden, Organic Lover's Cup and Organic White Champagne Raspberry - along with a beautiful Positively Tea mug and brewing basket with lid. Get yours just in time for Valentine's Day!

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1) White Champagne Raspberry White Tea

A luxurious blend of organic white tea, organic safflowers, natural champagne and red raspberry flavoring. 

    • Tasting Notes: champagne, floral, berry
    • Caffeine Level: Low
    • Brewing: Steep at 180°F for 3 - 5 minutes

2) Lover's Cup Black Tea

A seductive blend of organic Indian black tea, organic chocolate chips and natural strawberry and chocolate flavors.

    • Tasting Notes: chocolate, strawberry, sweet
    • Caffeine Level: High
    • Brewing: Steep at 212°F for 3 minutes

3) Secret Garden Green Tea

A lush blend of organic sencha tea, organic jasmine, organic peppermint, organic lavender flowers, organic cornflowers and organic rosebuds with natural peach and chocolate flavors.

    • Tasting Notes: floral, chocolate, fruity
    • Caffeine Level: High
    • Brewing: Steep at 175°F - 185°F for 3 - 4 minutes