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Swee-Tea Tin Trio

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Swee-Tea Tin Trio

KosherUSDA Organic

What's Inside?

The Swee-Tea Tin Trio features three reusable 2 oz. containers of our most romantic teas - Organic Secret Garden, Organic Lover's Cup and Organic White Champagne Raspberry. Great for Valentine's Day or any time you want to show some affection for the sweetest person in your life!


White Champagne Raspberry White Tea

A luxurious blend of organic white tea, organic safflowers, natural champagne and red raspberry flavoring. 


  • • Tasting Notes: champagne, floral, berry
  • • Caffeine Level: Low
  • • Brewing: Steep at 180°F for 3 - 5 minutes


    Lover's Cup Black Tea

    A seductive blend of organic Indian black tea, organic chocolate chips and natural strawberry and chocolate flavors.


  • • Tasting Notes: chocolate, strawberry, sweet
  • • Caffeine Level: High
  • • Brewing: Steep at 212°F for 3 minutes


    Secret Garden Green Tea

    A lush blend of organic sencha tea, organic jasmine, organic peppermint, organic lavender flowers, organic cornflowers and organic rosebuds with natural peach and chocolate flavors.


  • • Tasting Notes: floral, chocolate, fruity
  • • Caffeine Level: High
  • • Brewing: Steep at 175°F - 185°F for 3 - 4 minutes
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