Hazelnut Sticky Bun - Flavored Roasted Coffee

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Hazelnut Sticky Bun

Flavored Roasted Coffee


Hazelnut Sticky Bun - Flavored Roasted Coffee

We've taken Fresh Roasted to the next level of flavor - introducing Fresh Roasted Flavored Coffee! Each bag is filled with Fresh Roasted Coffee and our own Hazelnut Sticky Bun flavor - nothing else. Every variety is sugar-free and full of flavor. And just like our regular coffee, each bag is nitrogen flushed to maximize freshness.

When you're craving the gooey, sweet richness of a sticky bun, nothing else will do, right? Wrong! Our Hazelnut Sticky Bun Flavored coffee will put you in mind of this oh-so delicious treat with its rich, warm, and simply delightful flavor. This coffee is sugar-free, alcohol-free, and guilt-free!

  • Can't get this at the bake shop! The gooey, sweet richness of sticky bun flavors blending deliciously with your Fresh Roasted Coffee. It's an indulgent treat any time of day!
  • We roast in our environmentally friendly Loring Smart Roasters to reduce our carbon footprint while providing consistently superior flavor and aroma
  • Our coffee is roasted, then immediately packed in nitrogen-flushed bags equipped with one-way de-gassing valves so your coffee stays at its peak of freshness for as long as possible
  • OU KOSHER certified; Sustainably sourced and proudly roasted, blended, and packaged in the USA