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Chemex® ChemAer™ Coffee Maker, 8 Cup

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Chemex® ChemAer™ Coffee Maker, 8 Cup



The Chemex® ChemAer™ started as an idea sparked by interaction with the Specialty Coffee community. This brewer is a coffeemaker and aerator combined and is a unique and fun tool geared towards anyone who enjoys a good coffee experiment along with a great cup of coffee.

By swirling brewed coffee against the paddles formed into the side of the ChemAer™, the agitation brings more oxygen into the liquid and cools the temperature. Doing this changes to flavor beyond the initial extraction, which is where the experimentation comes in! Try it on all types of roasts, swirl to left or swirl to the right, have fun and see where to journey leads you.

The ChemAer™ was developed in collaboration with Trendglas and Hungarian Barista champion Attila Molnár. The goal was to create a product which offered an additional option for brewing coffee, one where anybody can enjoy the experience of experimenting with flavor in an elegant and easy way.

CHEMEX coffeemakers are made from the same high-quality glass used for lab ware. Used along with the scientifically designed CHEMEX bonded filters, our pour over system will remove bad fats, bitterness, acidity and sediments that all other types of filters leave behind. Enjoy the perfect cup of coffee, every time you have it.

Uses CHEMEX® Bonded Filters FP-1, FC-100, FS-100 FSU-100

Chemex filters not included