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FRC Frostbite Decaf Cold Brew - Roasted Coffee

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FRC Frostbite Decaf Cold Brew

Roasted Coffee


FRC Frostbite Decaf Cold Brew Blend

Save time and money by skipping the drive-thru! This Frostbite Decaf Cold Brew makes delicious cold brew coffee concentrate at home without any additional equipment - and without caffeine, so you can enjoy your cold brew any time of the day - or night! Available perfectly pre-ground or in whole bean bags.

Frostbite Decaf Cold Brew has deep dark chocolate undertones and something that's hard to describe. It's nutty, malty, and there's just something special that we can't put our finger on. This blend is smooth and delicious and decaffeinated using a chemical-free water decaffeination process so you can enjoy it any time.

Cold Brew Ground Bags

Pre-Ground and Ready to brew in your Toddy, Icosa, or Hario Cold Brew maker!

Whole Bean Bags

Grind to your specifications! (Insider info from the FRC Office - Cold Brew blend is also delicious as drip coffee and espresso.)

For best results when using a commercial cold brew maker, follow the directions specified by the manufacturer.


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