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An infographic of roast, body, and cupping notes for Dark Sumatra Mandheling coffee.
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Dark Sumatra Mandheling Coffee Pods

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    ALL FRESH ROASTED COFFEE IS Kosher Certified, Sustainably Sourced and Proudly Roasted, Blended, and Packaged in the USA


    Love the bold, rich and earthy flavor of Sumatra Mandheling coffee? Our Dark Sumatra coffee brings out syrupy, spiced notes that make the profile of this Indonesian coffee intense and captivating. With delicious hints of dark chocolate and a bold finish, this Dark Sumatran coffee is perfect for anyone who loves a rich, bold and dark roast coffee.

    The low acidity and extra bold body of traditional Sumatran coffees are attributed to a unique way of processing the coffee beans as well as the rich, volcanic soils and tropical climate in which the coffee cherries grow. It seems as though Sumatra coffee beans soak up the flavor of their climate and terrior surrounding them to deliver an exceptional Indonesian coffee without bitterness.

    • Cupping Notes: bold, syrupy, earthy
    • Roast Body: X-Tra Bold
    • Roast Level: Dark
    • Caffeine Level: Caffeinated
    • Single Origin: Lintong, Sumatra
    • Altitude: 1,200 - 1,400 masl
    • Varietal: Typica, Lasuna
    • Process: Wet hulled 
    • Drying: Dried on raised beds
    • Harvest: June - December

    Xtra Bold Body Dark Roast

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