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Colombian Sugarcane Decaf - Roasted Coffee

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Colombian Sugarcane Decaf

Roasted Coffee


Colombian Sugarcane* Decaf – Roasted Coffee

The latest entry to the Fresh Roasted Coffee family is a delicious Colombian Sugarcane Decaf!

Short on caffeine but long on flavor, Colombian Sugarcane Decaf features notes of brown sugar, honey-roasted nuts, and dried cherries, plus a subtle sweet aroma thanks to the decaffeination process. Fully caffeinated green coffee is steamed to open the pores of the bean before it’s bathed in a fermented sugarcane compound called ethyl acetate that dissolves the caffeine until the beans reach 97% decaffeination. After which, they’re dried and shipped to us to be roasted to perfection.

The ethyl acetate produced in the sugarcane process (also called “natural decaf”) can also be found in pastries, fruit, and wine.

  • Cupping Notes: brown sugar, honey-roasted nuts, dried cherries
  • Roast Body: Bold
  • Roast Level: Medium
  • Certifications: OU Kosher, Sugarcane Decaffeination
  • Caffeine Level: Decaffeinated
  • Single Origin:  Colombia
*Sugarcane Decaf does not contain sugar.