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Organic Frostbite Cold Brew - Roasted Coffee

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Organic Frostbite Cold Brew

Roasted Coffee


FRC Cold Brew - Frostbite Organic Blend

When the temperature spikes and the chill of January is nothing but a distant memory, cool off with organic* Frostbite Cold Brew. Unlike the kind you can get in the winter, this Frostbite is something you'll enjoy - and won't require medical attention (though Frostbite may give you a serious case of brain freeze.)

Dark chocolate and nougat sweetness with a bright red apple and lavender aromas make this cold brew extra special. Delicious all by itself or with your favorite mixers. Fall into a glass of Frostbite Cold Brew and be reinvigorated.

Store cold brew in the fridge for up to a week - but it's so good it won't last nearly that long!

12 oz., 2 lb., and 5 lb. Cold Brew Blend, Cold Brew Ground

Pre-Ground and Ready to brew in your Toddy, Asobu, or Hario Cold Brew maker!

12 oz., 2 lb., and 5 lb. Cold Brew Blend, Whole Bean

Grind it how you like it! (Insider info from the FRC Office - Frostbite is also delicious as drip coffee and espresso.)

For best results when using a commercial cold brew maker, follow the directions specified by the manufacturer.

*Certified USDA Organic by Pennsylvania Certified Organic, 2023.

  • Frostbite Organic Cold Brew Blend is delicious and refreshing when you're trying to beat the heat. Dark chocolate, almond, and caramel notes combine in a chilling combination of tastes and aromas.
  • Our Roastmaster meticulously crafts each coffee in our Cold Brew Blend collection to enhance the flavors of the different coffees. The organic certification ensures that your coffee is consistently regulated at each and every stage of the production process and completely free of GMOs and harmful synthetic substances.
  • COFFEE FOR EVERYBODY whether you’re a casual coffee drinker or a third wave connoisseur. Fresh Roasted Coffee is family-owned, sustainably sourced and proudly roasted, blended, and packaged in the United States of America. We offer more than 80 varieties of whole bean and ground coffee, coffee pods, and unroasted coffee.
  • Fresh Roasted Coffee is roasted on Loring SmartRoasters to reduce our carbon footprint and provide superior flavor. Fresh Roasted Coffee nitrogen flushes every bag to remove flavor-stealing oxygen and keep your coffee at its freshest and best tasting for as long as possible. Fresh Roasted Coffee bags are resealable and feature a one-way degassing valve.
  • GROWN RESPONSIBLY, ROASTED RESPONSIBLY. We’re committed to sustainability from sourcing to roasting to packaging. There’s also nothing artificial in these selections - no additives, no fillers, no flavorings.
  • 100% ARABICA COFFEE. Certified Orthodox Union (OU) Kosher. Available in Cold Brew Filter Packs, Whole Bean Bags, or pre-ground for cold brew.