Black Baratza Vario coffee grinder with beans in the clear funnel on top.

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Baratza® Vario Coffee Grinder



The Baratza Vario is a professional-grade coffee grinder with an exceptionally small footprint, perfect for the kitchen, office or cafe. The Vario features a dynamic range of capabilities including 230 grind settings, intuitive macro and micro adjustments, a digital timer, a front mounted digital control panel with LED display, and three user-programmable buttons.

For this professional coffee grinder, settings can easily be adjusted to transition from an espresso to a press grind. The Vario is capable of grinding 1.6 grams/second at Espresso and 2.2 grams/second at Press.

The Baratza Vario's design eloquently matches form with function. The intuitive macro/micro adjustments make it easy to get the perfect coffee grind. The 54mm ceramic flat burrs stay sharp twice as long as leading steel burrs, can easily be calibrated using the calibration tool that comes with the grinder, and also easily removed from the grinder for easy cleaning.

The Vario's powerful, high-torque DC motor and belt drive transmission turns slowly and effortlessly drives the burrs - which results in cool and quite operation that's capable of long grind cycles.