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Bolivia San Lorenzo

Yulissa Chambi

Christopher C.

Thursday, September 15, 2022

Grown exceptionally high at 1,525 masl on a 10-acre farm in San Lorenzo, Bolivia, is a coffee unlike any you’ve had before. We taste notes of tiramisu, cherry, and sparkling cider—easily the most eclectic set of notes I’ve seen to date. An anaerobic-washed mix of Red Catuai and Typica beans, Bolivia San Lorenzo Yulissa Chambi is a Roaster’s Choice selection you won’t want to miss.

A portrait of Bolivian coffee producer Yulissa Chambi.

At just 21 years old, Yulissa Chambi is carrying on her family’s rich, 60-year-old legacy of producing at the heart of Bolivian specialty coffee. Chambi is equal parts student, working towards her degree, and careful steward of her lots. All Chambi’s coffee is mindfully harvested, depulped, fermented in sealed tanks, washed, and dried on patios and raised beds. Although the growing situation seems idyllic in every aspect, there is one barrier that doesn’t just affect her but all of Bolivia: its lack of access to the ocean.

Bolivian coffee producer Yulissa Chambi assesses samples at an event.

But that’s where Felix Chambi Garcia, logistics expert, comes in. Garcia coordinates dry milling and quality traceability before export to international markets, which helps power the next generation of Bolivian coffee producers whose dedication to high-quality coffee is evident in October’s Roaster’s Choice selection. We’re beyond excited and proud to support both Bolivia’s centuries-old heritage and their bright, coffee-driven future.

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  • MR
    Michael Rogers

    Just received the Roasters Choice from the 10-acre farm in San Lorenzo, Bolivia, and looking forward to my first cup in the morning, 10/16/2022

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