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Water Process Decaf Indian Monsooned Malabar Coffee
Water Process Decaf Indian Monsooned Malabar Coffee
Water Process Decaf Indian Monsooned Malabar Coffee
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Water Process Decaf Indian Monsooned Malabar Coffee


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    ALL FRESH ROASTED COFFEE IS Kosher Certified, Sustainably Sourced and Proudly Roasted, Blended, and Packaged in the USA


    Our darkest and boldest single origin decaf coffee, Monsoon Malabar, is loaded with intense rich and earthy flavors highlighted by an incredibly smooth finish. Using the Royal Select Water Process method, this particular water decaf coffee is 99.9% caffeine-free and uses no chemicals during caffeine-extraction. Leaving this Monsoon Malabar water decaf coffee full of flavor, without the buzz.

    Indian Monsoon Malabar coffee undergoes a meticulous "monsooning" process well before it reaches the point of decaffeination. In a warehouse, the beans are put through a simulated monsoon season being soaked with water and exposed to moving air. After monsooning, the coffee beans undergo decaffeination through the Royal Select Water Process method which removes 99.9% of caffeine without the use of harmful chemicals. 

    • Cupping Notes: chocolate, earthy, exotic
    • Roast Body: Mild
    • Roast Level: Medium-Dark
    • Certifications: Royal Select Water Process
    • Caffeine Level: Decaffeinated
    • Single Origin: Mysore, India
    • Origin: Mysore, India
    • Altitude: 914 - 1,828 meters ASL
    • Varietal: Kents, Cauwery
    • Process: Monsoon Process
    • Drying: Sun dried
    • Harvest: November - February 
    • Export: October - February    

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