Have you ever made a late night or worse yet, early morning run to the store because you just realized you were totally out of coffee? Were you ever late for work because you had to sit in line at the drive-through to get your morning cuppa? Well say buh-bye to that ever happening again with Subscribe & Save!

You choose what, when, and how much. Need a 36-count box of single-serve Mexican Chiapas pods delivered once a month? Easy! How about a 1-pound bag of English Breakfast Tea every 60 days? Ta-da! Ten 5-pound bags of Coffiend™ beans delivered every two weeks? Done! Also, you might need to see a cardiologist there, jitterbug.

BTW, we’ll also take 10% off every order.

Frequently Asked Questions:
    • Step one: Go to FreshRoastedCoffee.com
    • Step two: Select your coffee (or tea). Select your amount. Select your grind. Select your frequency. Put in your credit card and proceed to checkout.
    • Step three: There’s no step three. Go enjoy a hot beverage.
*You must have an activated FRC Customer Account
in order to create and manage a Subscribe & Save order.

There is none. If you want one 12 oz. bag of drip-ground Fog Kicker delivered every 8 weeks, we’ll do it. And we’ll STILL give you 10% off, because we love you, Fog Kicker Fanatics.

For you? Literally nothing. We’ll have our team roast and prepare your shipment just before it’s sent so you can just stand by your mailbox and wait to get your Fresh Roasted fix. Maybe consider taking up a hobby of some sort. Read a book or something.

Yup! You can change anything about your subscription. Type of coffee, grind, pod count, frequency, payment info - all from your account page. Or call us and we can hook you up. We’re here 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM EST on weekdays. PH: 570.743.9228.

Coffee. Or tea. Pretty much anything except hardware, merch, and gift cards… Oh, and Roaster’s Choice. That’s got a different subscription program which you can sign up for here.

  • First, take a breath.
  • We charge your card when your order is ready, so if you choose to get a Fresh Roasted shipment every four weeks, that’s how often your card will be charged.
  • If your card expires (or is declined - fyi, we won’t judge you) you’ll get an email notification with instructions on how to fix this sticky situation. Spoiler alert - it’s not actually that sticky.
  • If you want to change cards, you can log into your account and do that - or you can call us at 570.743.9228 and we can do it for you. No muss, no fuss.
  • Our decafs are actually really good. Just saying.

Cancel anytime. We won’t hold a grudge. Much.

No! But you’ll be getting the 10% discount on the subscription! So you’ve got that going for you, which is nice...

The deal with shipping is there’s no additional charge for orders over $35. Under $35 will cost you $5.95 - unless you choose expedited shipping which is calculated at checkout.

And we don’t think you’re going to want to return anything BUT if you do, it’s subject to the same rules that apply for all of our products. Read them here.

We’d never break up a family! You can create multiple subscriptions for just about any of our coffees or teas in whatever frequency you want. Your card will be charged when your order is ready, so if you have three subscriptions shipping at different times, your card will be charged when the orders renew. You will receive reminder emails 3 days before the order ships so there won't be any surprises.

Well, we can’t help you if you’re out of the U.S. of A. … yet. But stay tuned!

Really? We thought we covered everything. Oh well. If there’s something we didn’t cover and you just gotta know, you can email us at info@freshroastedcoffee.com or call us at 570.743.9228.

Just a heads-up - subscribers are subject to the same Terms of Service as our website customers!