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Peru Farmgate Mendosayoc

Ermitaño Huillca Quispe

Christopher C.

Thursday, May 11, 2023

This month’s Roaster’s Choice selection is a rarity in more ways than one. Not only does it come from a 1.5-hectare lot in Medosayoc, Peru, but it’s also largely typica. One of the OG cultivars, typica originated in Ethiopia and spread throughout Indonesia, eventually being planted across Latin America, when it mutated into several well-known subvarieties: think pacamara and mundo novo. According to Hanna Neuschwander, Communications Director at World Coffee Research, in an interview with Perfect Daily Grind, “[typica] is [also] known by many names, including most famously Jamaica Blue Mountain.”

Typica coffee cherries on a branch.

Typica’s rarity can be attributed to its low yields and disease and pest susceptibility—producers looking to mitigate risk tend to avoid typica. When properly managed, however, as is the case on Ermitaño Huillca Quispe’s farm, typica makes for a high-scoring, clean, sweet cup. We are thrilled to have Ermitaño’s coffee on deck for Roaster’s Choice June. We taste caramel, raspberry trifle, and rosemary.

Two coffee producers in Yanatile, Peru.

Ermitaño manages all aspects of processing himself—depulping, fermenting, and drying on shaded raised beds. His coffee grows in good company, sown alongside citrus fruit, granadilla, and, to further demonstrate his commitment to his craft, cherimoya, which must be pollinated by hand.

A valley in Yanatile, Peru.

Ermitaño is a member of the relatively fledgling Café Origenes, a coffee exporter and marketing association working exclusively with farmers in Yanatile, Peru. Café Origenes invests in soil fertility and disease prevention, with a focus on farm diversification and transparency. All profits are reinvested into the organization to expand access to farmers.

We bring this rare Peruvian to a medium roast to maintain its delicate notes of berry and rosemary, balancing the cup with rich, sticky caramel. Each Roaster’s Choice coffee is an experience, and we’re always thrilled when Dave, our Lead Roaster, brings the first test roasts around. If you’re not a subscriber, you’re missing out.

Colorful triptych infographic explaining Peru Farmgate Mendosayoc.


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