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Timor-Leste Farmgate Ducurai

Café Brisa Serena

Christopher C.

Thursday, June 15, 2023

Updated June 19, 2023

The heart of Timor-Leste’s coffee industry, Ermera municipality is home to some of the finest coffees in the Indo-Pacific. The area’s inland lush and rugged highlands make for steep elevations where coffee thrives. Sown between 1,300 and 1,500 meters, the Timor Hybrid and Typica crops gradually develop notes of lemon meringue, maple, and golden raisin. We are beyond excited to welcome Timor-Leste Farmgate Ducurai into Roaster’s Choice history.

Timorese coffee farmer standing among coffee plants.
Timorese coffee producer sampling a coffee.

14 Haupu smallholders organized by Café Brisa Serena produced this coffee. Located just north of Tatamailau, Timor-Leste’s highest mountain, in the Letefoho Subdistrict, Haupu coffee plants have been carefully trimmed and cultivated for decades. Hardly bushes anymore, pickers lean wooden ramps against the trunks to access the sprawling canopy. After harvest, the cherries are depulped, fermented in small individual containers, washed, dried on raised beds, and constantly screened for quality. Café Brisa Serena has been instrumental in Haupa farmers’ success, bringing the fruits of their labor to export and ensuring some of the best traceability in the world.

Timorese coffee farm.

To make this impeccable coffee shine, we’re bringing it to a medium roast to balance out the pillowy lemon meringue and golden raisin with rich, sweet maple. I say this every time, but if you’re not on the Roaster’s Choice bandwagon, you need to start running toward the wagon. Every month, you get a gem of a coffee—always micro-lot, expertly sourced and roasted. It’s like a fruit of the month club, except it’s the best coffee in the world. No red delicious apples here. Only the best for our Roaster’s Choice friends.

Infographic about Timor-Leste Farmgate Ducurai.


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